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Video Story Tim Downes Malawi
Written by Melanie Downes   
Tuesday, 10 May 2016 11:03
We have produced a video story for May Missions Month.
Contact us if you would like it.
Clayton enjoying our take away treat!!
Written by Melanie Downes   
Monday, 02 March 2009 09:15

Clayton Enjoying Our Take Away Treat!!!

Tim spend most of this week crime fighting.

The police here have no car so,when our thief was caught, he spend most of the week driving the police around trying to recover stolen property and arrest accomplises!  Needless to say you certainly would not want to be a criminal in Malawi.

There are no laws about police brutality here.  Email us if you want the gorey details.

We are getting used to eating the food here, although the boys have mentioned MacDonalds a few times.  I had to ban my Mum from talking about their social outings.

Sunday roast, fish and chips on the beach, pizza and movie nights are a long way away here!

We have had some real encouraging moments this week continue to pray for the relationships God has given us to work on.

Love Mel

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Guarding the grave
Written by Melanie Downes   
Friday, 02 October 2015 07:33
A prominent albino man died this week from skin cancer.  No surprises there, as we often see the horrible marks of the sun on their fair skin.  The reason for the story is at the funeral as people grieved his death, plans were being made for another reason.
Albino body parts are known here for special spiritual power, traditional african medicine.  The family had to find a way of stopping people raiding the grave at night and stealing the body parts.  They had to buy 2 x 50kg bags of cement to box him in (normally cement is not used at all) and then post guards until the body is decomposed!
Another story, that happen to Tim this week.
A crowd of people surrounding a person out near the river.  The man was a fish trapper who got caught by a croc.  He got away but not quite quick enough. The croc got his fingers, Tim saw the guy ride past him on the back of a bike heading to hospital holding his bloodied fingerless hand.  The rawness of life never ceases to amaze us!
Team Malawi on their home turf!
Written by Tim Downes   
Sunday, 08 February 2009 07:32

Team Malawi in Malawi.

This is Angela she is 11 years old and the daughter of Baba William who works here.

She is absolutely beautiful and comes with her sister and little brother to play at our house every second afternoon.  They only speak Chiyao so it make us practise up.  Her parents are some of those Yao who have changed from their traditional beliefs to know God in a more personal way!! What a miracle and a privilege to be part of!

Thanks for your prayers, it is only through prayer that anything happens.

We are the branches and he is the vine.  Apart from him we can do nothing!!

Here more than ever we realise how little we can do.  It is awesome how many mountains God has been moving simply because we have been asking him!


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