Team Malawi

Malawi International AirportYesterday we flew back into Malawi after 6 years. It felt like a time warp, like nothing had changed and we have rushed back 100years of development.  Lord what are we doing here!

I felt as if there was nothing I could offer, the needs of everyone is unbelieveable and I am so lost among it.  I don't even know how to get to our house let alone address the poverty and fear of the spirit world.

After 3 years of working towards getting here we do feel a huge sense of relief and a whopping big void of..what now?

It is stinking hot.  We are back to sleeping under mozzie nets, and it is noisey all the time.  The kids and I keep waking up at 2am because of our body clocks telling us to get up.  We are 8hrs behind Queensland.

Clayton and JarredThe boys have travelled wonderfully well and enjoy the new things.  The love the freedom of no water restrictions, mud everywhere and lots and lots of friends all coming to look at the Azungus.  (White people.)  Clayton is quite the performer!

Our initiation to Malawi was a 2 day 7 hrs per day of standing in a cue waiting to get our Malawi license.  Fortunately the boys were being looked after.

We are doing quite well and are very excited about being here.  God is good and we just have to remember to take one small step at a time.  As they say in Malawi,  You have the watches but we have the time!!!  Everything take time here.  We are living in slow motion.

Love to you all, your prayers are carrying us at the moment.


Global Interaction, The Downes Family