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Our Calling

Team Malawi

At dinner one evening, Tim and Melanie were discussing God's direction, and they prayed a scary prayer, "Lord, what would you have us do with our lives? We are available; please use and direct us."

At 9 pm that night, they received a phone call out of the blue, "Would you guys consider going to Malawi as long-term missionaries?" Well then, how do you think they reacted? Laughed, funny joke! Cried, oh my goodness, Africa! Rejoiced, thank you Lord for being so clear and direct? Do you put out the fleece?

Having already served in Malawi in 2002 in a short-term capacity, Tim, a builder and Melanie, a teacher, saw such huge needs with the Yao people. These are people living in typical developing-world conditions, with one person in three being HIV positive, poverty rife, corruption from the ground up, and a traditional Muslim belief that has been inherited rather than understood and actively practised.

Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa and the people are absolutely amazing. "They put us to shame with their positive attitudes, love of life, initiative and hard work ethic."

"Our job is to go over there and spread the gospel message in a real and practical way. The Yao don't need us. They need Jesus," wrote Tim and Melanie.

In order to do this and follow God's call, Tim, Melanie and their sons Jarred and Clayton must leave their life in Cairns, Queensland, and head to Mangochi, Malawi. Fortunately the weather and climate will be the same. However they will need to adjust to some major changes.




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