Team Malawi

Just for your personal reference, despite the fact that you are hectically running around to various end of year celebrations, we here in Malawi are not experiencing such things.

There is nothing to be found in the entire region that would indicate any form of Christmas.  Is that possible you would ask, when you simply cannot breathe without inhaling tinsel?  Strange isn't it.
With this in mind, we are on the count down.  Less than 3 weeks now, boxes are assembled but nothing in them yet.  No Christmas tree this year either.  No presents to wrap or decorations to make, except when we get to the Mother country of course.  Life looks pretty ordinary, work as usual.
However, some little treasures have appeared to brighten our lives.  The fluro light in the school room hasn't worked in a while.  Eventually we had a look at it, removing the cover we found a nest.  Babies, well Lesser Bushbabies to be exact.  The boys are parents.  They don't even have their eyes open.  Jarred's done some research and we are trialing feeding them cows milk.  So far so good.
How nice it is to know, that God would send in some surprises to brighten us up a bit, especially the boys.  We never really know what he has in store!
Will post a photo on facebook to show.
Love Mel

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