Team Malawi

Its been too long since we have updated this site.  Our wonderful video clip from our friends was meant it inspire and inform you all.  I think we have gotten more than enough mileage out of it.

Some of our important updates will be emailed out to you, please add yourself to the list if you want these.
In short-   Adult Literacy Training this week, Men's camp on the weekend, schooling with the kids, Village groups and protection as the national elections heat up!
Recently we have been teaching our children the power of our words.  Speaking positively rather than complaining.  Easily said and not so easily modeled!
We found the bible verse Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
We had a break through yesterday with Clayton who doesn't like school and comes each morning dragging his feet.  After many tears and rather a big discussion he concluded that he should change his attitude because it was making him miserable.
That same afternoon Tim returns from the village with a special present!  A little dyka / antelope that had been captured by some locals and the mother killed.  Clayton is our animal whisperer, so his eyes were popping out of his head!
He made the connection, saying that he thought God was giving him this special gift as a result of his decision that very morning.
So encouraging to see him learning this kind of stuff!
Will endeavour to add a picture here but will also add one to facebook when the internet lets me!

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