Team Malawi

Off we go!  Taking my team mate Elizabeth Dymock for her village stay.  She is doing an intership with Global Interaction here in Malawi and as part of that she is staying in a village for a week.  She has been faithfully learning language for 7 months and now it is being put to the test as we send her out.

On Friday at ladies group Liz asked to be prayed for as she was a bit uncertain about it all.  In great confidence all the ladies reassured her it was a great idea.  Particularly to humble herself and show she was willing to be the learner in the situation.

The group announced that they would then come with me to escort Liz to the village.  How awesome to have such a gang!

We loaded up yesterday and off we went.  The road was terrible and the ladies car sick (as they don't go in cars much).  We wound up the mountain and then down the dirt track, bouncing our way over a million boulders.  The Old Troupe Carrier clawed its way through!

We all met the hosts in the village, discussed what Liz should do with them, and prayed a blessing over them all.  It is a stretch for Liz to stay in an African village, but it is also a new situation for the hosts.  I was so excited in seeing the ladies group jump on board with their support.

Please pray for Liz as she experiments with her language and cultural learning.  She is keen to jump into the deep end.  Join with us as we celebrate the spirit of community that is being built.  It is so much better doing things together,  makes the long road a lot less lonely!!


I have a great photo of this, but I cannot seem to post it!  Sorry. Will put the photo on Facebook instead.


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