Team Malawi

This weekend holds some issues for us that need covering with prayer. 
I have a lump in my breast, that is probably an absus from a recent bout of mastisis.  Praise God we have found a German doctor in the country who is a specialist in these areas and will be seeing me on Friday in Zomba (2 1/2 hours drive away).  Pray that there will be facilities available to do the treatment necessary, as there is no mamogram machine in the country and the Zomba hosital is very limited with resources.
We will then be travelling to stay in the Global Interaction Blantrye guesthouse.  This is where all the Malawi and Mozambique teams stay whenever we need to anything medical, business or shopping etc.  Blantyre is the largest city in Malawi.  This house recently however (last week) was robbed by a gang of 12, who tied up our night guards, and our caretaker and his family to cut the bars with bolt cutters and chiselled out the door lock of the front door.  Please pray for safety for us as we are staying in this house over the weekend.
Thanks for being so much a part of our journey here.
Love Mel

Global Interaction, The Downes Family