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Video Story Tim Downes Malawi

We have produced a video story for May Missions Month.

Contact us if you would like it.

Guarding the grave

A prominent albino man died this week from skin cancer.  No surprises there, as we often see the horrible marks of the sun on their fair skin.  The reason for the story is at the funeral as people grieved his death, plans were being made for another reason.

Albino body parts are known here for special spiritual power, traditional african medicine.  The family had to find a way of stopping people raiding the grave at night and stealing the body parts.  They had to buy 2 x 50kg bags of cement to box him in (normally cement is not used at all) and then post guards until the body is decomposed!
Another story, that happen to Tim this week.
A crowd of people surrounding a person out near the river.  The man was a fish trapper who got caught by a croc.  He got away but not quite quick enough. The croc got his fingers, Tim saw the guy ride past him on the back of a bike heading to hospital holding his bloodied fingerless hand.  The rawness of life never ceases to amaze us!

Early Christmas Presents

Just for your personal reference, despite the fact that you are hectically running around to various end of year celebrations, we here in Malawi are not experiencing such things.

There is nothing to be found in the entire region that would indicate any form of Christmas.  Is that possible you would ask, when you simply cannot breathe without inhaling tinsel?  Strange isn't it.
With this in mind, we are on the count down.  Less than 3 weeks now, boxes are assembled but nothing in them yet.  No Christmas tree this year either.  No presents to wrap or decorations to make, except when we get to the Mother country of course.  Life looks pretty ordinary, work as usual.
However, some little treasures have appeared to brighten our lives.  The fluro light in the school room hasn't worked in a while.  Eventually we had a look at it, removing the cover we found a nest.  Babies, well Lesser Bushbabies to be exact.  The boys are parents.  They don't even have their eyes open.  Jarred's done some research and we are trialing feeding them cows milk.  So far so good.
How nice it is to know, that God would send in some surprises to brighten us up a bit, especially the boys.  We never really know what he has in store!
Will post a photo on facebook to show.
Love Mel

Thinking positive

Its been too long since we have updated this site.  Our wonderful video clip from our friends was meant it inspire and inform you all.  I think we have gotten more than enough mileage out of it.

Some of our important updates will be emailed out to you, please add yourself to the list if you want these.
In short-   Adult Literacy Training this week, Men's camp on the weekend, schooling with the kids, Village groups and protection as the national elections heat up!
Recently we have been teaching our children the power of our words.  Speaking positively rather than complaining.  Easily said and not so easily modeled!
We found the bible verse Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
We had a break through yesterday with Clayton who doesn't like school and comes each morning dragging his feet.  After many tears and rather a big discussion he concluded that he should change his attitude because it was making him miserable.
That same afternoon Tim returns from the village with a special present!  A little dyka / antelope that had been captured by some locals and the mother killed.  Clayton is our animal whisperer, so his eyes were popping out of his head!
He made the connection, saying that he thought God was giving him this special gift as a result of his decision that very morning.
So encouraging to see him learning this kind of stuff!
Will endeavour to add a picture here but will also add one to facebook when the internet lets me!

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